Chico SAE Baja
Est. 1986


2016 - 2017 Car

Wildcat Racing.jpg

It All Started With a scale...

   With a heavy car from the previous year and a team ready to make some serious design changes, The Mother of all Bajas' was dreamn't of with weight in mind.

"A pound here... An ounce there"

   Finished in a candy apple red, M.O.A.B. sparkles in the pride of the members who took the car from dream to design to physical racer. Being 125 lbs lighter than her predecessor and with validation for every design area, all the way down to the rubber boots on the steering rack, she is a true head turner. 


2017-2018 SAE Baja Oregon Results

Overall: 50th Place

Acceleration: 4th Place

Hill Climb: 10th Place

Maneuverability: No Score

Suspension: 25th Place

Endurance: 56th Place

Design Presentation: 13th Place

Sales Presentation: 73rd Place

Cost Event: 76th Place