Chico SAE Baja
Est. 1986


2018 - 2019 Car


It all started with carbon fever...

   Having made improvements towards weight savings and design integrity throughout the whole car, this years beauty has been carefully designed to compete at the highest level possible.

"Aluminum Here... Carbon Fiber There"

   Cutting out even more weight than the previous year, we pushed materials to their limits. All finished in a candy apple red and pearlescent white, Buggy smalls gleaned in the spotlight and tore the top teams apart in competition. 


2018-2019 SAE Baja Tennessee Results

Overall: 12th Place

Suspension: 2nd Place

Acceleration: 4th Place

Sled pull: 21st Place

Maneuverability: 23rd Place

Endurance: 25th Place

Design Presentation: 19th Place

Sales Presentation: 53rd Place

Cost Event: 6th Place

2018-2019 California Results

Overall: 31st Place

Acceleration: 2nd Place

Hill climb: 17th Place

Suspension: 56th Place

Endurance: 47th Place

Design Presentation:  9th Place

Sales Presentation: 12th Place

Cost Event: 5th Place